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Eccentric and chic, dynamic and lively.

Vintage is brought back to center stage thanks to the Lalabonbon collection. The creative re- edition by designer Cristina Zanni adds a distinct and modern touch to original Italian models from the ‘50s and ‘60s, combining alluring rythm of colors and graphic textures with refined metals and exquisite fabrics.

Lalabonbon originates from a special meeting between contemporary creativity and the original models of furnishings from the ‘50s and ‘60s, treasured in the precious archives of the Italian manufacturing company Cifsa.

The creative designer Cristina Zanni, in love with the Italian vintage style, redesigns finishings and materials, combining an eclectic palette of interchanging velvets with intense colors and dense tones, with textures going from black and white geometries to classical types of fabrics, such as tartan, pied de poule, prince of Wales and boned.

From this combination, a dynamic and contemporary collection is born, that intrigues and seduces, in which every model changes and dresses itself to stick to different atmospheres of environment and style.

Every Lalabonbon product is entirely manufactured in Italy by experienced artisan hands,

that bring back to life production and working processes no longer in use – dismissed by the new tendencies – such as the workmanship of the pipe to get the stylistic characteristic, typical of the conic leg from the ‘50s or the detail of the boots in copper and brass. Every item is handcrafted and so are the weldings and brushed metallic finishes. That’s why every piece is unique.

Imperfections of welding and color gradients are a trace of the handcrafting and are to be considered a value that proves the method of realization which follows the same techniques of production used in the past. Welcome to the world of lalabonbon.



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